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Now in our 3rd year since opening Rotary Bum as a commercial business, we have become the largest Idemitsu Rotary Engine lubricant retailer on Ebay, Facebook, and our website and and through a network of distributions to rotary shops. Our efforts have spread the knowledge around the globe via social media for the first time ever. Most people didn't know they existed since 2006. All of the authorized dealers up until Rotary Bum were order takers. We went beyond that and took it social media for the first time, held booths in multiple states representing Idemitsu Rotary lubricants and answer and educate 100's of people a month around the world via email, Instragram, Facebook, Messenger, Text, phone calls, Youtube on so on. We built company that doesn't treat supporters (customers) with rudeness or disrespect. Instead we treat everyone with honestly, competence, whether they buy from us or not. We back everything we sell and will stand up and take care of any issue whether its ours, the post office, or the supporters themselves, quickly. Most issues are solved before the supporter even knows there was an issue. We work hard and fast so that the support can get their products quickly. We go beyond the standards and provide and a place where supporters can count on us.

This model has proven so well, we have decided to take our business model and, for the first time, sell car parts. We had the stance that auto parts are a crowed space, and the low margins would drive us out of business since we spend more than the standard auto place by providing a superior, above the best customer service experience. In today's economy, those do not go hand in hand, hence Walmart. Low price leader, but also lowest customer service possible. But we believe the auto parts space is crowed with profiteers, shady business deals and practices, to very just very poor customer service.


In 2007 I worked for a car auction where a 1980 10th Anniversary Edition RX7 came in from the original owner that says he needed to sell it to a dealer since he could not get the car smogged. I bought the car because it was in mint condition and it was cheap. Not knowing anything about the rotary engine I soon found my self on the rotary forums and quickly learned it was a huge cult following. Soon after I made my first appearance at Sevenstock 10. And was officially a rotary addict attending RX meets in Los Angeles and Orange County 3 to 4 times a week. That summer, a friend and I had 5 RX7's between the both of us. Every weekend was spent at junk yards (some during the week days) looking for RX7 parts and also swapping engines, clutches, interior, suspension between the RX7's.

One day a couple of years later, we were texting and I stated something to the effect that I was going to miss work, to work on my RX7, and he shook his head, and I said "Yeah I know, I'm just a bum" and he replied, "at least your a rotary bum". Hence the name was born.

The goal now is to have a place where a fellow rotary bum can go and get their rotary needs with near online pricing. And also a place that doesn't have bankers hours and doesn't close at lunch time. And eventually extend this to all Mazda automotive needs.

In 2010 I changed my career from accountant to automotive, went to an automotive school, got an ASE and worked for a Mazda Dealership(2011-12) where my love extended to all Mazda's. I loved every new and old Mazda that came into my bay and the level of quality reflected that. I learned that there is a need for a place that Mazda owners can go where their car will get the service from people that have a passion for their particular vehicle.