Rotary Bum 4-Point Upper Strut Bar w/ Brake Stopper, 04-11 Mazda RX8, Raw Finish

Rotary Bum

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*To make this work for S2 RX8 you will need to punch out or cut off one of the bolts on the firewall, I plan to make an updated one when I have access to a Series 2*

The Rotary Bum 4-point upper strut bar w/ master cylinder support for the Mazda RX8 will greatly improve brake pedal feel and chassis rigidity. By replacing the stock multi-piece strut bar with a solid one piece strut bar you are reducing any flexing or shifting that occurs during cornering because there are less points of weakness when it is one solid piece. 

The brake stopper considerably reduces brake pedal travel by preventing the firewall and brake booster from flexing too much when the pedal is depressed. This will reduce the sponginess of your pedal even with your stock braking system.
Our strut bars are hand-made in the USA using high quality materials.
We use laser cut, 10ga cold rolled steel for the strut base and brake stopper bracket, DOM tubing for the center bar, and Tig weld it all for added strength and aesthetics.
This is a raw steel so this can accumulate surface rust. To help prevent this you should clean it often and coat it with oil, like WD-40, or powder coat it. 
We plan on offering custom powder coating in the future, so if you have any requests now feel free to contact me.