Idemitsu 10W-30 Full Synthetic Rotary Engine Oil - 12 qt. Case


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The only oil specifically designed for the Mazda Rotary Engine with proven performance and reliability. With the precise base oil mix of PolyAlphaOlephins and PolyEsters, Idemitsu Rotary Engine Oils are able to minimize those deposits on your apex seals. Allows for better sealing of the chamber, facilitating more power generation. Extends the life of turbochargers by reducing bearing cooking. Specially developed additives facilitate even tooth load on the front stationary gear to allow for higher loads and higher RPM. Premium anti-wear agents create a strong film between the main bearings and the eccentric shaft, reducing metal-to-metal contact and minimizing bearing wear. Developed to reduce entrained gas generation. Entrained gases reduce the oils ability to prevent metal-on-metal contact, thereby increasing main bearing wear. Includes Molybdenum as a friction modifier. This compound reacts with the metal surfaces to create a low-shear boundary. The low shear characteristic reduces friction, increasing efficiency and power output.