Renewable Lubricants 10W-30 Bio-Racing Oil Change Kit 5 qt. Kit w/ Mazda OEM Filter B6Y1, 1969-2008

Renewable Lubricants

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5 quarts of Renewable Lubricants Bio-Racing 10W-30 Oil with Mazda Genuine Oil Filter B6Y1-14-302A


  • 5 Quarts Renewable Lubricants Bio-Racing Oil 10W-30
  • 1 Mazda OEM B6Y1-14-302A Filter
  • 1 Reminder Static Decal
  • 1 Aluminum Crush Washer

Bio-SynXtra™ Super High Performance (SHP) HD Plus Racing Oils are specially formulated for high performance turbocharged and supercharged competition engines and/or engines that require heavier viscosity oils that don't break down under high stress conditions. Incorporating the super high viscosity index of the Stabilized* High Oleic Base Stocks (HOBS) into the formula, increases the viscosity index past synthetic levels (Energy Conserving Formulas) improving starting conditions of high performance engines. Although they provide the energy conserving properties of a multi-grade formulation, they also provide excellent thermal and mechanical shear stability and can directly replace single viscosity grade motor oils in competitive motor sport competition. This superior viscosity stability combination allows the engine to run for longer intervals at higher RPM with greater fluid protection and will provide more power output, increasing the seal between the ring and cylinder area.

Since 1993, these unique, first of their kind, Bio-Super High Performance Racing Oils have proven exceptional performance in the racing world, and they are the lubricants of choice for top performing world and national champions. These biobased, high performance racing oils have exceeded the performance of conventional petroleum based products and have shown performance equal to and better than synthetic formulas. Excellent performance has also been experienced from the heavy loads (3000 HP @ >9000 RPM) of IHRA Seven Time World Champion alcohol fueled dragster to the high-temperature, long-term endurance, championship, road racing, to high performance Formula Drift rotary engines. These specially formulated racing oils have been designed and tested to run in extreme conditions that would be expected with the motor sport, high performance engines. RLI’s patented chemistry is blended into the highest quality biobased and synthetic base stocks and provides extended engine life relative to other conventional oils without this proven chemistry.

This premium quality patented additive technology has documented records of excellent performance in terms of:

  • Superior wear protection in both conventional valve train, overhead cams, turbocharged and rotary engines
  • Outstanding high temperature shear stability
  • Maintains stable oil pressure and lower temperatures versus conventional racing oils
  • Excellent anti-oxidation properties
  • Superb protection from sludge and varnish formation
  • Enhanced mechanical shear stability
  • Superior anti-rust protection and bearing corrosion protection, especially with high alcohol fuels
  • Compatible with all fuel types
  • Custom viscosities and formulations can be manufactured upon request

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