Rotary Bum Single Premix Measuring Bottle *New wide-mouth bottle*

Rotary Bum

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Rotary Bum is the originator, and leader of the Premix Measuring Bottles and VIP Kits. These bottles were designed to make it easier to add the exact amount of premix you need every time you refuel with our easy to read design with both Imperial and Metric units.

Just pour in your Idemitsu Premix (1 qt. will fill 4 8oz bottles), place the funnel in the filler neck and pour in the recommended 1 oz. of premix per gallon of fuel (unless you have a working omp then 1/2 oz. will work fine) right into your tank and you are good to go. 

Rotary Bum's measuring bottles are made of the highest quality HDPE plastic so it will not leak into the atmosphere when stored for long periods of time.

Our bottles are manufactured, printed and packaged right here in the USA.